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The P-Pod is a collapsible version of the traditional portable restroom that folds down to 36 inches high, which can be tossed easily into the back of a small pickup truck or a regular old minivan.

For commercial uses, you can store three times the number of units in the same space. Its collapsible design allows for better logistics and more efficient storage. That means more profit.

No more digging latrines! The P-Pod is working on biodegradable waste vessels that solidify and break down waste to allow disposal in an environmentally-friendly manner. Its compact size and ease of deployment make it a go-anywhere field latrine. With its compact size and interchangeable tanks, disaster relief areas can have three times the number of units on the ground where they’re needed. The sealable, optional removable tanks allow service to be done without a vacuum truck. A big advantage when every minute counts.

The P-Pod is the first and only portable toilet utilizing a patented folding design that can be deployed quickly while offering numerous benefits from its unique folding frame and design. P-Pods are practical and lightweight, provide 30% more interior space, and no need for the vent stack in traditional units. It has an industry-first interchangeable tank that can be removed without tools in seconds. They can be equipped with a traditional drop tank, recirculating tank, or freshwater flushing tank in seconds while allowing complete sanitization of all surfaces. The stacking capability (3 high) makes them easy to store and transport when not in use while still remaining lightweight. The P-Pod will change how you think about portable restrooms as a user, renter, or operator. These units will be exclusively used by the NexGen P-Pod Franchises in the United States.


The P-Pod’s modern, patented design will change the way you think about port-a-johns.

This innovative product folds down to one-third of the size of a traditional portable restroom and contains a straight-drop toilet and urinal with a removable and sealable waste tank.

The stackable legs allow one to securely stack three units, saving space and reducing costs in both transportation and storage.

  • Wide door openings
  • Spring-assisted door hinge for easy opening and closing
  • Standard portable restroom footprint
  • Available interchangeable waste vessels accessible through the back in several sizes
  • Available removable waste vessel
  • The unit measures 45.5”W x 47.5”D x 38.5”H – collapsed (115.57cm x 120.65cm x 97.79cm) and weighs approximately 188 lbs (85kg) per unit